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Horse Whips

Get Premium Quality Horse Whips From The Leading Manufacturer Of The World

Horse Love Trading Corp. Ltd. specializes in over 100 types of horsewhips and can supply you with any length, style, and color that you require. The materials used for our Wholesale Horsewhips include Kangaroo leather, Buffalo hide, Bullhide, Elk Hide, or Chrome Tanned Horsehide. Some of the most popular styles of braided horse whip lash Braided Leather crops which are 32 inches long and approximately ¼ inch thick. These braided leather crops are made from the finest quality soft vegetable tanned English Bridle 3/4 oz weight leather. For those who prefer a smaller lighter grip, we offer a 28″ braided leather riding crop at 1/8" thick. Our riding crop line consists of over 30 different styles to choose from in a variety of colors.

Versatility Of Our Braided Horse Whips

Horselovetrade offers braided leather crops that are a good choice for those who have been using a single-piece type crop and find it difficult to control the action. The Braided style offers better grip, more flexibility, and just enough weight to provide effective results that cannot be obtained from a one-piece type whip or riding crop. Not only do our braided leather crops give you improved handling capabilities they look fantastic as well! All of our braided leather horsewhips can be made with a flapper if desired at no extra charge. Whip Master wholesale leather products also include custom-made quality Leather Slappers, Barbed Wire Floggers, Horse Whips by length, thickness material, and color to suit your needs. 

No Minimum Orders - You Can Order 1 or 100,000 Items At Wholesale Rates

Our Products are Guaranteed to be of the Highest Quality! We offer a full line wholesale horsewhip in many different styles and sizes. Whips are made from only the best quality hides that are selected for their toughness and flexibility. Our whips do not have any fillers or cardboard inserts whereas our competitors sometimes use wooden filler rods in their whips which can break when used properly. Horse love trade whips are Waterproof, They Will Not Absorb Water! Our Horse whips may be shipped out within 24 hours of receiving your order, and you should receive them within 7-10 days.