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Horse Love Trading Corp.Ltd is the premium Horse Bits Wholesale manufacturer that makes it an extensive range of designs and materials to suit all kinds of horses. Horse bits are used to facilitate the rider and horse communication. Our horse bits are perfect as they are made by keeping all the considerations in mind. We have employed an amazingly talented and skilled task force that has been able to manufacture the most perfect horse bits for all the horses. We have put a lot of effort into crafting the most hi-tech design of our different horse bits. 

Explore Our Wide Range Of Horse Bits

Being the most prominent horse bits wholesale manufacturer, we keep thriving to maintain our status, and so far, we have been able to introduce a handful of designs in horse bits. We have horse bits with joints, single joint, double joint, multiple joints, and rollers. In rings, we have D-ring, eggbutt, loose ring, full cheek, half cheek, hanging cheek, gag, tom thumb, bevel, and Cheltenham gag. All this variety of horse mouth bits is available in two different materials that are malleable iron and stainless steel. 

OEM, ODM, MOQ, And Delivery Services:

We are the only horse bits wholesale supplier that offers OEM and ODM services to its customers globally. Our OEM and ODM services are remarkable and unfailing, you can consider us as your trade partner, and we promise to do our best. The quality and design of our products are very high class; direct your horse by applying pressure in its mouth and around it to give it the right cue to catch with our horse mouth bits. We offer a low minimum order quantity of just 200 pieces, and once you confirm your order, it will reach you safely in 60 days in any part of the world through air, sea, or express.