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Jun 27,2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Saddlery Hardware

What Is The Best Horse Saddle?

Some people prefer saddles with a low cantle and narrow tree, while others prefer saddles with a high cantle and broad tree. It comes down to your personal preferences and the ride you are looking for. In a general sense, you'll notice that all popular horse saddles tend to be more traditional and full-tree.

What's The Difference Between English/Western Saddle Styles?

Saddle style can vary greatly depending on the country or region in which it is used. Generally speaking, English saddles are more expansive and have a higher cantle than Western saddles. They're also typically made of lighter materials like leather and wood, while Western saddles tend to be heavier with a lower cantle and inside tree design.

What's The Best To Use For A Beginner?

You can pick up the most quality saddles fairly cheaply from any Horse Saddlery Supplier, and you don't need anything too fancy. Just go with what feels comfortable on your horse and make sure it has a high enough cantle that there won't be any rubbing or chafing from your stirrups when you're riding flat-shod (i.e., no shoes). An inside tree design is also good because you won't have to be constantly worrying about the tree digging into your horse's belly.

Can I Use A Different Horse Saddle For Every Ride?

No. A horse's natural movement is to walk, trot, and canter on an even plane. When you change the saddle, your horse becomes unbalanced and can get hurt if you are not familiar with adjusting riding techniques to compensate. Also, if you change saddles too often, the leather gets stretched out, and then it is hard to find that nice fit once again.

How Far Can I Stretch A Leather Saddle?

Stretching your horse's saddle is not recommended. The leather gets stretched out over time, and it takes much longer for the cowhide to return to its original shape when you are done stretching. This will cause discomfort on your horse, which leads to unbalanced ride patterns that can lead to injury or lameness issues because of the improper contact points between rider and animal mid-str ide. Once the leather gets too tight, it will be hard ever to go back and get that perfect fit.

How Do I Clean My Horse's Saddle?

Before use, permanently clean your horse's saddles by rubbing them with a very mild soap, warm water & beeswax conditioner/protector mixture (½ c vinegar, 1 T olive oil¼ c white petroleum jelly). Should you choose to move on from the oils down the road, wipe the inside out with a dry cloth. Place the saddle cleaner mixture into your cleaned saddle bags and let it sit for about 30 minutes to allow all of the soap residue to come off after use (5 - 7 days depending on temperature change from the day). Use this same cleaning product if you decide that you do not want to take care of any stains or odors in leather material through regular breaks & uses with sealer/ conditioner. Apply the saddle cleaner to a clean white cloth and wipe over all of your horse's saddles, panels & tree barrettes (top) with alcohol every 3-4 days for maximum protection from moisture damage and stain removal.

How Do I Know When My Horse Needs More Saddle?

You can feel for any sores or cuts by running your hands over these parts of an old saddle pad. Also, try taking a sheet and folding it from poll to tail in different ways to see how he moves. Do not keep on the same saddle all the time. A groom who has worked in a stable knows each horse's character because lots of their work is on long-term management to keep them properly fit. Try using pliable padding such as fleece instead of blankets or turnout sheets before adding another layer.

Is Horse Saddle Necessary During Horse Riding Competitions?

No, but it is good to keep your horse well-fitted with saddle and equipment. Saddle fit can make or break the rider's performance, especially in jumping events. Saddle Fit Matters - Horses with proper saddles will perform more evenly and powerfully. Proper saddle fit can also minimize injury to the horse's back, neck, and legs during rides.

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